About James

Brighter Day Music is the production home of composer and songwriter James Burrell .

Every film and production has a unique musical DNA waiting to be discovered and created. As a composer and songwriter with 20 years production experience, I delight in collaborating with film makers to find it.

I have worked extensively across documentary, children’s entertainment and brand films, with further work in drama, fine art, podcasts and production music.

Whether scoring a 150 episode children’s tv series such as Waybuloo, a 90 minute feature documentary for Storyville or a 90 second commercial the mission is the same, I seek to bring yet more life to your production through music.

For all new commissions please contact me at james@brighterday.co.uk or +44 (0) 7974 351 770

Yet the most impressive element of Waybuloo is its wonderful, tinkling music.
The Radio Times

Children’s TV doesn’t get much bigger then Waybuloo.
The Telegraph

A sparse but rhythmic electro score somehow evokes an equine viewpoint.

A remarkably odd score that actually sounds like a horse’s idea of music.
View London

Intensely strange and fascinating ; resonant music cues.
The Artsdesk

  • About Brighter Day Music

    Brighter Day Music is a production company making music for all media.

    We create commissioned scores, songs and theme music for film, television and branded content. We also contribute to production music libraries, make records and license our own catalogue for soundtrack use.



    +44 (0) 7974 351 770